Our work

Food for the Hungry cultivates community resilience so that children, families, and communities can thrive. Local FH staff collaborate with local leaders to bring to life their community’s vision of flourishing. Together, they identify root causes of their poverty and co-create solutions for a thriving future.

What We Do

We partner with communities to activate a community-led journey out of poverty. Our holistic approach to development isn’t an A+B=C kind of equation, though, it’s a dynamic process! We recognize how complex poverty can be and seek transformation in all areas of life.

It takes more than food security and clean water to break the cycle of poverty, so we don’t just focus on one thing. Through skills training, worldview workshops, and peer groups, FH and leaders work with families, churches, teachers, and youth to reconcile relationships and clear new paths for growth. The result? Sustainable, resilient communities where families flourish.

Why It Works

Since 1994 FH Canada has helped over 70 communities
move from stuck-in-poverty to thriving.

We address the root
causes of poverty

How you define a problem determines how you design the solution. Instead of applying short-term solutions to the symptoms of poverty, we go for long-term solutions that address heart issues like injustice, gender inequality, and systemic prejudice.

We believe in community-led development
We want to help communities realize their dreams, so they set the priorities for change. We equip people to train their neighbours with new knowledge so the change they want can continue without us. “Walking with” rather than “doing for” is the only way to achieve sustainability.

We promote local experts
& leadership
Over 98 per cent of the 3,000 FH staff members worldwide are citizens of the countries where they work. This means solutions are explored within their unique context and culture. They have insider knowledge and understanding—they get it!

And then we leave! When a partner community shows strong signs of resilience and sustainability, they have the tools and skills to continue their journey. They’ve got this!

"I have learned confidence, good relationships with neighbours, and understanding; I can teach others on savings groups and how to save money. I practice good hygiene, and [value] self-ownership…
I feel extremely happy and quite proud of myself because of the changes taking place in my community. My family's quality of life [has] improved!"
— Diebis, Cambodia

Where We Work

We partner with 120 communities across seven countries in Asia, Africa, and Central America.
We also fund emergency response to crises throughout the world.

Are you passionate about ending poverty?

Join us in our work with communities. You can pray, give,
share, partner—we welcome you on this journey!