Food for the Hungry has worked in Rwanda since August 1994, responding to the serious humanitarian crisis caused by the Rwandan Genocide.

In the years since, Rwanda has undergone a process of community reconciliation and shifted focus from recovery to sustainable development. Currently, FH Rwanda partners with five communities in Bwira to improve the wellbeing of children and the whole community!

Community Snapshot

Bwira lies in the hills of the Ngororero District, 95 kilometres from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The cool, rainy mountainous area is home to smaller families, with an average of just six people, most of whom farm for a living. While the families in Bwira, especially the children, face many challenges, including malnutrition and chronic food insecurity, these communities demonstrated a keen willingness to come together and begin the work towards sustainability to ensure a bright future for all.

Bwira began partnering with FH in October 2021. Together, FH and the communities of Bwira aim to achieve their goal, “Thriving children in self-reliant communities!” FH Rwanda is confident that progress will be made through Cascade groups, mentorship of local and church leaders, support of community education programs, and entrepreneurial initiatives for women and youth.

Community Goals

Food for the Hungry walks alongside communities and leaders in Bwira to help them overcome their challenges and establish sustainable thriving. Together, they annually create primary goals to address their biggest obstacles. Their goals are:

Improve household livelihoods and resilience

Improve child, maternal, and adolescent health

Leadership Development
Improve family harmony

Increase access to quality basic education for children

Progress Updates

2023 Year End

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2023 Mid Year

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2022 Year End

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