Food for the Hungry began working in Uganda in 1988, partnering with communities to strengthen their resilience and achieve self-sustainability.

Today, FH Canada walks with seven communities in the sub-county of Bukiende, aiming to achieve their goal for “families to be able to meet their household needs in a sustainable way!”

Community Snapshot

Along the eastern border of Uganda, on a lush, tropical plateau, lie the communities of Bukiende, Mbale. In spite of stunning vistas and abundant vegetation, Bukiende is home to the most marginalized communities in the Mbale district. Families struggle to access food, quality education, healthcare, and employment. Over 90 per cent of households depend on small-scale farming, domestic livestock, and backyard gardening to feed their families and generate an income.

FH Uganda began a partnership with communities in Bukiende in 2019. Community leaders are eager for change and willing to work together to address the root causes of poverty. Together with FH, communities in Bukiende are already seeing more income opportunities, farmers and parents learning more skills, and health care facilities improving their services!

Community Goals

Food for the Hungry walks alongside communities and leaders in the beautiful Mbale region to help them overcome their challenges and establish sustainable thriving. Together, they annually create primary goals to address their biggest obstacles. Their goals are:

Increase income levels among households

Improve health and nutrition status among households

Leadership Development
Improve learning outcomes of children

Improve literacy and numeracy levels

Progress Updates

2023 Year End

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2023 Mid Year

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2022 Year End

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