Food for the Hungry started working in Guatemala in 1976, joining the fight to end poverty for families who suffered from the civil war and political oppression, and the hardships that lead to malnutrition.

Currently, FH Canada is walking with 12 communities in the Quiche region—eight within San Juan Cotzal and four within Nebaj. To provide time for leaders to meet their community goals and overcome unforeseen catastrophes like hurricanes Eta and Iota and the COVID-19 global pandemic, FH has committed to partnership for a few extra years as they courageously tackle challenges and fight back poverty. Communities in Guatemala are on their way to self-sustainability!

Community Snapshot

In the remote valleys of north-central and north-western Guatemala lies the region of Ixil. Its mountainous region and foggy, pine-forested slopes are home to a cluster of 12 FH Canada partner communities. Predominantly an Indigenous population, the Ixil families express their culture through intricately woven clothing, love of traditional music, spicy foods laden with chiles, and various dialects of the distinct Ixil language.

Together with FH’s help, community leaders have identified key goals to help bring them out of poverty and build a sustainable future. By focusing on the areas of livelihoods, health, leadership, and education, FH partner communities are tackling critical issues including food security, mental health, gender equity, and violence within families. Communities in Guatemala are on their way to self-sustainability!

Community Goals

Food for the Hungry walks alongside communities and leaders in the beautiful Ixil region to help them overcome their challenges and establish sustainable thriving. Together, they annually create primary goals to address their biggest obstacles. Their goals are:

Improve the economic capacity of vulnerable families through efficient management of assets, skills and income-generating activities to ensure nutritional food security

Improve physical and mental health of families

Leadership Development
Strengthen community resilience and promote healthy environments for the prevention of violence

Improve the academic performance of children and adolescents through the development of soft and hard skills

Progress Updates

2023 Year End

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2023 Mid Year

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2022 Year End

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