Food for the Hungry began working in Burundi in 2007, coming alongside communities to rebuild after the civil war that raged from 1990 to 2005.

Today, the 20 communities of Kabarore are approaching self-sustainability and will move on from their partnership with FH in 2025.

Community Snapshot

The rate of poverty in Kabarore is among the highest in the province of Kayanza. This poverty stems from the civil war and social conflict that raged through the country from 1990 to 2005. Kabarore was severely affected by the war, due to its proximity to the Kibira forest where many rebel farmers hid. When the war ended in 2005, refugees returned to this devastated area to rebuild their lives. Since FH began partnering with Kabarore in 2015, health and wellbeing of families have improved and more children are attending preschool. Through a strong partnership with FH, the communities of Kabarore continue to tackle poverty through livelihoods, health, leadership development, and education. We are celebrating that lives have been changed!

Community Goals

Food for the Hungry walks alongside communities and leaders in the beautiful Kabarore region to help them overcome their challenges and establish sustainable thriving. Together, they annually create primary goals to address their biggest obstacles. Their goals are:

Increase food security and income in vulnerable households

Improve health of mothers and children

Leadership Development
Enhance capacity of local leaders to participate in and sustain community development

Increase access to and quality of education for increased student performance

Progress Updates

2023 Year End

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2023 Mid Year

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2022 Year End

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