Food for the Hungry started working in Cambodia in 1990, providing relief to people living in refugee camps during the civil war. Today, FH Canada walks with 62 Cambodian communities in the areas of Svay Leu, Tropeang Prasat, and Chong Kal.

Community Snapshot

Nestled in the hot, humid north of Cambodia are 62 communities across four areas that FH walks alongside. Over 66,000 individuals live here, the majority in rural settings where they work primarily as farmers and small business owners. Both men and women earn an income for their households, and women especially play a major role in family finances and saving. Through FH’s Child Focused Community Transformation (CFCT) program, families have already begun making positive changes in the areas of livelihoods, health, leadership development, and education. Parents have deepened their understanding of how to best care for their children and now have more opportunities to generate income for their families. Communities are more resilient to unexpected change and hardship, and are on their way out of extreme poverty.

Community Goals

Food for the Hungry walks alongside communities and leaders in Cambodia to help them overcome their challenges and establish sustainable thriving. Together, they annually create primary goals to address their biggest obstacles. Their goals are:

Improve access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet household members’ dietary needs and food preference at all times

Reduce maternal, newborn, and child morbidity and mortality

Leadership Development
Enhance capacity of community leaders to take ownership in their transformational development

Improve learning outcomes of children

Progress Updates

2023 Year End

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2023 Mid Year

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2022 Year End

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