Emergency Response


Today, our world is facing major emergencies and Food for the Hungry and its international partners are once again stepping into the gap. You can help meet urgent needs—faithfully answering God’s call to respond to those suffering under natural disasters, outbreaks, persecution, and more—and help save their lives. Together, we are made for this.

According to the 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview, at least 222 million people in 53 countries worldwide are facing acute food insecurity. This is being claimed as the largest global food crisis in modern history, driven by conflict, climate shocks, and economic recessions. Hundreds of millions of people are at risk of worsening hunger and starvation.

Intense weather events have struck communities in Uganda and Rwanda, forcing families from their homes and into makeshift camps while flood waters decimate their crops and homes. Life was already so fragile, and disasters like these are nearly unbearable.

Our hearts are breaking for the millions of families affected by these tragic conflicts. We cannot sit idly by and watch their suffering; we must act now! Send your financial gift today to help families in danger.

Every passing moment is critical when disaster strikes. That is why it's important that FH and its relief aid partners are poised to mobilize help when need arises. Your donation enables a quick response to recent crises and fuels ongoing support.

FH staff work hard to provide relief to these displaced people in the form of food, water, basic care, and more—both in partner communities and in the affected areas where families need help. FH stays attuned to the crisis as they unfold and strategizes next steps in partnership with local leaders and other supporting organizations. A quick response often transitions into helping families rebuild their future.

FH responds to alleviate human suffering in the hard places—providing food, shelter, protection, and more to internally displaced people and refugees. But we need your help to respond quickly and bring relief to families in need of food, medicine, and shelter.

Please pray for peace regarding these crises, and for the safe movement of staff and supplies to areas and families that need them the most.

Thank you for walking alongside families in need, ensuring they have hope, no matter the challenges they face.