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How does your child sponsorship support help their family and community get out of poverty?

How Your Sponsorship Works

Are you wondering what this looks like in a real person’s life? Meet Amalia!
As a youth, she had a sponsor who supported and encouraged her—now, she’s a thriving adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asked by amazing sponsors like you!


Q. How much does it cost to sponsor a child with FH Canada?
A. It costs $45 per month to sponsor a child. For more thorough information about this amount, visit this helpful page.

Q. Is child sponsorship tax deductible?
A. Yes! Donations towards child sponsorship are tax-deductible charitable donations. In February, we’ll send you a tax receipt that totals your donations to FH Canada for the previous calendar year.

Q. What do I do if my contact or payment information changes?
A. Please call 1-800-667-0605 or email us at sponsorship@fhcanada.org to report a change of address, phone number, banking, or credit card information.

Q. What if I fall behind on payments?
A. Let us know if you run into difficulty and need to make alternate arrangements. Life happens and we do our best to find a way to keep the sponsorship relationship you’ve developed. You matter to us!


Q. What communications can I expect as a sponsor?
A. You’ll receive:
  • a letter of introduction from the child you sponsor
  • an annual update from your sponsor child, including photos
  • a Christmas card from the child you sponsor
  • updates from Food for the Hungry throughout the year showcasing the amazing transformation you’re a part of in your sponsor child’s community

Q. Do you have tips for how to communicate?
A. Write notes about school and learning, activities, food, celebrations, and more. Be curious! Send photos of family, pets, hobbies, and other things unique to your background or area.

Be sensitive to culture and circumstances. Avoid asking about politics, dating, or negative historical events. Do not send photos that display possessions (cars, houses) or that might be inappropriate (bathing suits, displays of affection).

Q. Can I post about and/or contact my sponsor child online?
A. In order to protect the wellbeing and privacy of sponsor children, we ask you to only refer to a child’s first name if you are posting online and refrain from posting any photos of the child, unless they are his/her family photos. Please do not attempt to contact the child you sponsor via social media as this threatens the privacy and safety for both you and the child. You can use the message centre at any time to write to your sponsor child and share family photos with them.


Q. Can I send gifts to the child I sponsor?
A. When one sponsor child receives a present from their sponsor, it can negatively affect the sense of fairness in the community, and even within their family. It can also create unrealistic expectations. The delivery of special items can even put local FH staff in an awkward position.

Based on feedback from our community staff, we created a Gift Guide where sponsors can choose gifts that are needed within their child’s community. Instead of sending individual presents, we invite you to select gifts that will help the whole community thrive.

Your gift of consistent support is the best gift that can be given! And remember, a personal message to your child will be treasured for years to come! Write your child today.

Q. Can I visit the child I sponsor?
A. Yes! If you’re planning to be in the area where your sponsor child lives, let us know before you leave Canada and we will do our best to make this possible. If possible, let us know at least 2-3 months before you depart. Once you complete our visitation application, we’ll help connect you!

Q. How long do I need to sponsor?
A. You’re invited to journey with the child you sponsor as long as we journey with their community to co-create long-term solutions to poverty. FH community partnerships usually last around 10 years. Once our partnership with a community wraps up, you’re invited to walk with another child and their family in a new community to help them thrive as well!

If you feel you’re unable to continue your sponsorship, please call us at 1-800-667-0605 to talk about your options.

Q. Will I always sponsor the same child?
A. You will sponsor the same child until their community partnership wraps up. Or you may be invited to sponsor another child if your sponsor child graduates from school and the program, their family moves out of the partner community, their parents choose to opt out of the program, or otherwise.

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