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About the
Child Sponsorship
Monthly Amount

Your child sponsorship support is
vital to the success of a family
fighting poverty—thank you!

Global cost of living increases are hurting the vulnerable families we work with. As of October 1, 2023 our child sponsorship amount is $45 per month to continue to provide sponsor children the best support possible.

A sufficient Child Sponsorship rate is critical to help children and their families thrive.

Global inflation is hitting everyone hard—especially vulnerable families in low-income communities. Costs of everyday essentials like bread, milk, electricity, fertilizers, medicine, transportation, and more have spiked. Countries where we work, like Ethiopia, have seen inflation rise as high as 33 per cent in just one year.

The sponsorship rate reflects the real costs of continuing to offer the highest quality programming to your sponsor child and their family. COVID-19 decimated thousands of jobs, disrupted supply chains, and robbed children of up to two years of schooling. Recovery is costly—but, we’re committed to maximizing your monthly gift to serve your sponsor child with excellence. An adequate monthly rate is critical to making the work you support sustainable for generations to come.

Your child sponsorship donations help an entire community get out of poverty.

Your child sponsorship support helps bring clean water closer to homes, train farmers, equip teachers, build resilience, and more in your sponsor child’s community.

You and your sponsorship

You help transform a child and their community!

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: For what reason would FH Canada increase its Child Sponsorship rate?
A: FH Canada, in collaboration with its international partner offices, annually assesses the costs of its quality programs. An increase would reflect rising inflation and cost of living all over the world, in which case the costs of working with partner communities has also risen.

Q: When was the rate changed to $45 per month for my child sponsorship?
A: The rate change came into effect October 1, 2023. The previous rate was $38 per month. There had not been a rate increase in 15 years prior to that date. Sponsors were notified of the change via mail, email, and phone call in the month leading up to the change.

Q: Why a $7 increase after 15 years? Why not a gradually stepped up amount every few years?
A: Global economics affects us all. The dramatic spike in inflation in recent years hit many of our valued sponsors. So over the past few years, we’ve been pulling from our reserves to cover the increasing gap between monthly sponsorship funding and the rising costs of programming in our partner communities.

But, this spike in inflation also requires that we respond with a rate change that will have immediate financial impact. A sufficient sponsorship rate closes that funding gap, thus re-establishing a sustainable funding model for the work you support. The families you support are struggling under severe economic pressures—they’re counting on us to help!

Q: Will my sponsor child see any of this extra money or get more benefits because of a rate increase?
A: These funds help to maintain our high standard of relational, community-led programming. More specifically, in FH’s community-based child sponsorship model, no cash is given to your child or to their family. Instead, they are invited into development activities that help the whole family thrive. For example, your donations help pay for school supplies and school fees as well as fund health workshops, community water projects, teacher training, agricultural workshops, leadership development, and so much more! Your sponsorship also helps provide personal follow-up with FH staff who encourage and pray with families, address their educational and health needs, and involve parents in a wide range of activities.

Check out a Mid-Year Community Update, found on per-country pages of Our Work, to get a better idea of how your support impacts your sponsor child and their entire community!

Q: How does the monthly child sponsorship amount relate to my “round up” support for the Children in Crisis Fund?
A: Your “round up” support is an extra monthly donation to the Children in Crisis Fund. This, or gifts to any other special programs or projects, will not be affected, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your round up amount will continue to be applied to the Crisis fund to help vulnerable children in high-risk situations, where needed most. The monthly sponsorship rate of $45 per month is applied to support your sponsor child, their family, and their community.

Q: I am uncomfortable with this amount for monthly sponsorship. What are my options?
A: You have options! It would be best for us to hear your concerns and talk you through some options. Please call our team (1-800-667-0605) and we’ll talk through various scenarios with you. Whatever your situation, FH Canada will absolutely continue to help your sponsor child and their family. We will pull from our reserves to help support the programs that benefit your sponsor child so they don’t miss out.

Q. I can’t afford to pay more for my sponsorship. How do I opt out?
A. You are important to us! Please give us a call (1-800-667-0605) and talk to one of our Sponsorship reps to discuss your options or simply stop your monthly donations.

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Thank you for your generous partnership!