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We think business leaders like you are uniquely equipped to tackle poverty—they have the drive, practical approach, team, network, and resources that make change happen!

We’ve seen business leaders transform their own workplaces by motivating their people to walk with international developing communities on their journey out of poverty. This philanthropic partnership helps employees have a greater sense of purpose in their everyday work and deepens customer satisfaction when everyone realizes they’re helping vulnerable families.

If you’re a business leader who wants to make a local and global impact, we’d love to explore a partnership with you!

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1. Select a Partner Community
We work with you to choose a specific country and community you’d like to build a connection with and support on their journey out of poverty.

2. Determine Your Support
Local community leaders have identified their needs and designed solutions. You find areas of their plan that align with your passions, then determine how you want to contribute.

3. Launch Your Impact
You choose how to rally your team and we’ll support the launch through presentations, workshops, or even a kick-off event. And the partnership grows from there!

“As Christian entrepreneurs and a business owner, we believe that we are part of God’s plan to provide resources to people in need. We appreciate the partnership through FH Canada as they walk alongside us to give us motivation to increase our impact.”
— Martin Tai, One Source Office Supplies