Clean Water, Happy Families!

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March 20, 2024 at 2:56:33 PM PDT March 20, 2024 at 2:56:33 PM PDTth, March 20, 2024 at 2:56:33 PM PDT

The families of Nano Sanbatat Dure are thrilled to be drinking clean water and feeling better!

The people in Nano Sanbata Dure (Ethiopia) had a serious shortage of clean water. They used to gather all the water they needed for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing dishes—everything! —from one open spring. 

You might think that fresh groundwater is a great source of pure water, and you’d be right. The water is clean as it comes out of the ground, but not for a second longer. 

As soon as the water flows over the soil to form a little river, it becomes rife with pollutants. Wild animals and domestic livestock come to drink and bathe in the water, leaving you-know-what behind them. People muddy the water by bringing their clothes down to the spring for washing—also adding soap to the mix. Harmful bacteria and parasites breed freely. 

What was once mother nature's fresh, clean source of life becomes a petri dish of danger for people—especially children, the most frequent victims.

Because their only source of water was contaminated, families in Nano Sanbata Dure suffered from serious health problems caused by waterborne diseases. This affected both the health and the economy of the community. Parents couldn’t work. Children couldn’t go to school. Family income was drained away on medicine. People were worried and frustrated with the way life was going.

So, community leaders partnered with FH Ethiopia to change the situation. They worked together to “cap” the spring. By capturing the free-flowing spring at its source, they were able to divert the clean water emerging from the ground to a tap where community members can gather water before it gets contaminated. 

Children suffer the most from waterborne diseases that can result in malnutrition and lost education—thankfully, these kids don’t have to worry about that anymore!

The results have been incredible! Families testify that ever since they started drinking from the protected spring, they no longer suffer waterborne diseases. Parents are able to work; children are no longer at home sick; and precious income can be saved. 

Community members share that their “hope has been renewed.”

An unexpected result of this water project has been the impact on community relationships. Through working together on the water project as well as multiple other FH-initiated activities, people learned the importance of working toward the community’s common goals.

Working with FH has helped bring unity as community members cultivate a sense of collaboration and interdependence. This community that was once hopeless is now full of hope! They can see a bright future for the life of their community.

You can help more communities like Nano Sanbata Dure develop sources of clean water so their children can grow healthy and strong.

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