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My Name is Olivier

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Hi there, I'm a 5-year-old boy from Bwira, a little village tucked away in the mountains of Rwanda. My home may be tough to get to, but I like to think of it as our secret place. I help with family chores, especially after school, which, by the way, is my favorite place to belt out a tune! I also love kicking around a soccer ball when I can.

Life here isn't always easy. We used to drink yucky swamp water, and lots of us weren't very healthy. But then, something exciting happened! The kind folks at FH Sponsorship chose to walk alongside us. They helped us get clean water, so I stay healthier now. They also help my parents and other grown-ups learn cool stuff like growing vegetables and raising animals. So, things are looking brighter for me and my whole community. I get to dream of helping other Rwandan communities one day, just like FH helped us!

Remember to send a little prayer for me, my family, and our village, okay? Your support and hope make a big difference here in Bwira. Thanks a ton!