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My Name is Arnold

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Hi! I'm a 7-year old boy from Bwira, in Rwanda. I've got two brothers, a sister, and we're kind of like a team. School's cool, I really like learning our national languages! I also help my family by fetching water when I get back from class. I love playing ball games in my free time.

Living in Bwira is tough, it's the poorest part of our district and lots of people here don't eat enough. I used to drink swamp water like most folks here, but now thanks to the FH Sponsorship, I have access to clean water! It's also easier to get to school, and I get to see a doctor when I don't feel well. It's like a whole new world.

Everyone's working super hard to grow more veggies, raise livestock, and even start our own small businesses. The adults are being taught new ways to do these things by the FH staff. It's a big deal 'cause one day, we want to help other communities in Rwanda do better too. Your prayers keep me going. Thanks for giving me hope!