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My Name is Josue

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Hi there! I'm a five-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. I have a brother and a sister, and we live in a place where it's really tricky to get clean water. We're one of the poorest communities here. Sometimes, it's tough, but I enjoy helping my family by fetching the water we drink. It takes me half an hour to an hour, but I've become a bit of a pro!

School is something I really look forward to! I love English language classes and I also love playing soccer when I'm done with my chores. Also, I'm super grateful to FH Sponsorship! They help me to not miss school, get medicines when I'm sick, and also work with my family to learn about vegetables and animals to make websites live better. Most people around here are farmers, including my family.

I always have faith in my family, and we work hard for a better future. We hope to soon grow more food and help others learn to do the same. But for now, I ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers. Thanks for being there for us!