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My Name is Alexis

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Hi there! I'm a six-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. I don't have any brothers or sisters, and I'm okay when it comes to health. I really like counting and adding numbers at school, and arithmetic is my favourite! After school, I give my caregiver a hand with tasks at home. Also, I love playing soccer - it's super fun!

Living in Bwira is a bit hard because we're the poorest community in our district. It's also difficult to reach our village 'cause of the twisty mountain routes you need to take. Before, most of us used to drink swamp water and carrying it home was real tiring. But with the help of FH Sponsorship, things are getting better! I get to attend school regularly and get the health care I need. They even assist my family and our community to learn how to grow veggies, rear animals, and make our own money.

We're definitely putting our best foot forward to improve our lives. So please send good luck wishes our way as my family, my community and I work really hard towards a brighter future! Thanks for your support and giving me hope for a future!