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My Name is Josiane

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Hi, I'm an eight-year-old girl from Bwira, in Rwanda. I have one sister and one brother. I love school, especially learning how to add and subtract. After school, I do my part in helping the family by carrying wood. When I have extra time, I really like to draw.

My town, Bwira, is very poor and is tricky to reach because of lots of twisty mountain roads. Most people here are farmers with a little bit of land. Food is sometimes not enough and many of us used to drink water from the swamp. But now, thanks to people helping us from far away, more of us are getting clean and safe water.

Going to school is easier now and I can get more medicine when I am not feeling well. We are learning a lot about how to grow more vegetables, take care of animals and even start little businesses. Maybe one day, we can help other towns in Rwanda! Please remember us in your prayers. Thank you for giving me hope and making my future brighter.