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My Name is Daniel

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Hey there! I'm a nine-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. My family is made up of me, my two brothers and no sisters. I like language class at school; it's totally cool! After school, my job is to help my family bring water home. The journey can be a rough hike, but I love to run, and it helps make me strong!

Home is high up in the mountains, in a village where life can be tough. We used to drink icky swamp water, and getting clean water was a whole different task, that took ages and ages. But things are changing, thanks to FH Sponsorship. They're helping me with school and health checks. Now, I go to school more often and I'm feeling healthier!

FH also supports the big people in our community. They're learning new farming tricks, raising animals, and even starting group projects to earn some income. My dream? That one day we can help other communities in Rwanda, just like we're getting help from FH. So, if you could, please think of my family and me, and send us good thoughts for a future where we're thriving. And a big thank you for giving me hope and support, it means a lot!