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My Name is Benitha

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Hello! I'm a seven-year-old girl who lives in Bwira, Rwanda, with my one sister and three brothers. My health is okay-ish and I love learning arithmetic at school. When I get home, I like to help my family carry wood. My brothers and I play ball games in our spare time, it's so much fun!

Our home is in one of the poorest parts of the district, it's tricky to get to because of the curvy mountain roads. Not long ago, nearly everyone in our community drank yucky swamp water! It used to take us kids almost an hour to carry the water home every day. We mostly farm small plots of land here. Now, thanks to the FH Sponsorship, my family is getting stronger, I go to school more often and can see a doctor when I need to. It's not just me, but my whole community too!

With the help of the FH team, the grown-ups in my family are learning how to grow veggies, keep animals, and start money-making groups. One day we hope to help other communities in Rwanda do the same. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts as we work together for a brighter future. Thank you so much for giving me hope and support!