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My Name is Alcene

  • cake 7
  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • water_full Carrying Water
  • calculate Arithmetic


Hi there, I'm a big-hearted, arithmetic-loving 7-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. I have a sister and a brother, and even though we live in one of the poorest communities without many of the things you might be used to, we are pretty happy. I often help my family by carrying water to our house, which is quite challenging due to the mountains surrounding Bwira. Aside from my chores, I also find joy in playing soccer.

After school, and soccer, I sometimes help my parents on our small piece of farming land. The folks from the FH Sponsorship program helps us through this all. They teach my parents how to grow better crops, raise animals for more food, and even how to make some money with our produce. This hasn't just made my life better by allowing me to attend school more regularly and get healthcare when I need it, it's helping make my whole community stronger. So, while our lives may be humble, we are hopeful. Please keep my family and community in your prayers as we work hard towards sustainable living.