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My Name is Elise

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Hiya! I'm a nine-year-old boy, all the way from Bwira, Rwanda. I live with my brothers and we spend our afternoons playing soccer or fetching water for the family. School is fun, especially when we learn national languages, they're my favourite!

Life in Bwira is tough, it’s one of the poorest places in our district and many people here are struggling. We live high up in the mountains and it's a long, difficult journey to get water. Most families, like mine, farm on small plots of land to get by. Plus, the swamp water we used to drink wasn't the healthiest. Things are getting better though, all thanks to the good people at FH Sponsorship. They're helping us out in so many ways! Now I can go to school regularly and get the health care I need. My family and friends are learning to raise livestock, grow vegetables and other cool stuff with them. Let's keep our fingers crossed. All in all, thanks to your support, me and my whole community are working for a brighter future! So, can you keep us in your prayers? It means the world to me!