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My Name is David

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Hi, I'm a 10-year-old boy living in Bwira, Rwanda. I've got a sister and a brother and we help each other out a lot. We're a strong team, especially when we're carrying water home or doing our school work. I love arithmetic the most - numbers just make sense to me! After school, I often play soccer with my friends. It's the best feeling when I kick the ball right into the goal!

Life here in Bwira is far from easy. We're up in the mountains, and it's a tough climb. Our community is poor and lots of folks used to drink swamp water before FH Sponsorship stepped in. Now we have better access to clean water and healthcare, and I can go to school regularly. Everyone's working hard to make things better. We're learning how to grow vegetables, raise animals, and turn these into ways of making a living. One day, we'd like to help other communities to stand on their own two feet, just like us. I'm hopeful for a better future, for me and my whole community. Thanks for your support and please keep our family in your thoughts.