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My Name is Cindy

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Hey there! I'm a 15 year-old girl from Nebaj in the northern part of Guatemala, and I'm an only child. My health is super good and in school, math is my number one subject, I love it! After school, I help out my family by washing dishes, and when I have some free time, you'll find me enjoying a good game of basketball.

Our community is mostly made up of people who raise chickens and pigs to sell. But some dads have to travel to work seasonal jobs on coffee farms to keep us going. Thanks to the support we receive from child sponsorship, my family and I now have the ability to care for ourselves. Before sponsorship came, about half of the kids in my area couldn't go to school cause they were too malnourished or their folks just didn't have the money. But now, that's changing! Almost everyone gets to go to school, which is great!

With the help of the sponsorship staff, we're learning lots of good things. Moms get to learn about how to keep us healthy and we get hygiene kits. Dads learn about farming better. With this support, I can keep going to school and learn important things. This is my golden opportunity for a brighter future.

All I ask is for a little prayer for me and my family, as we work together with our community to make life better. Your support means the world to me, it gives me hope. Thanks a million!