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My Name is Manuel

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Hi there! I'm a 13-year-old lad living in Cotzal, a northern region in Guatemala. I share my home with my two brothers and hardworking parents. I'm full of life and energy and math is my best subject at school. I really dig playing soccer and when I'm done playing or studying, I help my family in any way I can.

We live in a farming community. Most folks make a living here by growing maize and other veggies that they sell in the market. Our dads sometimes stay away for months, working on coffee farms. My country had a quite bad civil war, the ripple effects of which can still be felt around.

Child sponsorship is making a world of difference for me and my family, helping us stand on our own feet. Before these programs arrived, many kids in my community, because of malnutrition or financial constraints, couldn’t attend school, but that's changing now! And with effort, we're working towards a better future.

The staff teaches our moms about healthcare and gives us hygiene kits, while our dads learn improved farming techniques. All these things mean I can go to school and have a shot at a brighter future. Please keep me and my family in your prayers and thank you for the rainbow you bring into our simple lives! Thank you for gifting us hope and support.