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My Name is Jairo

  • cake 13
  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • cleaning_services Sweeping
  • calculate Mathematics


Hello, I'm a 13-year-old boy living in the northern region of Guatemala, Cotzal. I have one sister and four brothers. Every day after school, I sweep the house and help keep our home clean. At school, I really like solving problems in mathematics—it's my favorite subject! I also love playing soccer when I get spare time.

Our family, like many in our community, have a small farm where we grow veggies and maize to sell in the market. It's tough sometimes, especially since many of the fathers, including mine, are away for long periods working at distant coffee farms. I can see how hard life has been here since the civil war—its shadows continue to impact us.

But now, things are looking up! Child sponsorship and the wonderful staff at FH are empowering our community. With their help, almost all the children have started going to school like me. Mothers are taught about health care, fathers are guided to farm better and we receive hygiene kits, too! I'm hopeful for my future, which feels brighter and within reach. Please remember me, my family and my community in your prayers as we continue to grow and improve our lives. Thank you for your support and hope.