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My Name is Brisnet

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Hi there! I'm a 5-year-old girl living in Cotzal, a region in northern Guatemala. I have one sister and two brothers. I'm feeling pretty good health-wise! I'm super lucky to go to school, where I love drawing. When I come back home, I pitch in by doing the dishes. I really like dolls too!

In Cotzal, lots of families like mine have little farms where we grow maize and vegetables. Some dads often have to work far away in coffee farms, so they aren't home a lot. Our village went through a really big war before I was born and we're still trying to recover. But thanks to child sponsorships, we're getting so much help. Today, all kids in Cotzal can go to school.

The sponsorship folks teach my mommy about keeping us healthy, and daddy about farming. I get to learn a lot at school, it's so cool! But I really need your prayers. We're trying really hard to make things better here. Thank you for giving me hope and support!