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My Name is Domingo

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Hello! I'm a 7-year-old boy who lives in the northern region of Guatemala in a small village called Cotzal. I have three sisters and I'm the only boy of our family. I'm strong and healthy, and I try to stay fit by playing lots of soccer, which I really love.

I go to a local school and my favourite subject is maths. I'm very lucky because before a kind organization called FH came to my community, half of the kids couldn't go to school because their families couldn't afford it. But now, most of us are getting the chance to learn.

When I'm home, I help by cleaning the house. Our community is mostly farming families, growing maize and vegetables to sell in the market. But our dads often have to go away to work on coffee farms, so it's up to us kids to help out at home. We're still recovering from a nasty civil war that happened before I was born, but we're working together to make things better.

Because of your support and prayers, I get to study and my family is learning new farming techniques and about health care. This is giving us hope for the future. Thank you for helping me and my family!