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My Name is Victoria

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Hi there! I'm an eight year-old girl from Cotzal, Guatemala. I absolutely adore drawing in school! You can create anything you want on that blank paper. How cool is that! After school, I get to help out at home and play basketball, which is super fun.

Our place doesn't look like a picture postcard, we're a farming community. Lots of maize fields and vegetable patches. During coffee season, many fathers have to go away to work. But that doesn't mean it's all gloomy here. Remember when I said I go to school? That’s thanks to the lovely people from FH. They help kids like me to go to school and also teach our parents a lot of useful things – like mom learning about preventing sickness, and dad about better farming ways.

Yes, times have been tough, especially because of the terrible war even before I was born. But, you know what? We're a sturdy lot. We’re working hard together to have a brighter tomorrow. I'd love for you to keep me and my community in your thoughts and prayers. And yes, did I mention? Play a game of basketball sometime, it's super fun!