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My Name is Teresa

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Hi, I'm an eight-year-old girl living up in Cotzal, the northern part of Guatemala. I got a sister, no brothers, and I’m pretty healthy! I love going to school, social studies is my favourite. When I'm back home, I help out by cleaning and I really have fun writing stuff. Lots of families here farm, growing maize and veggies to sell at the market. A lot of dads, work on coffee farms and aren't home a lot. There was a big bad war before I was born, and it's still kind of hard for everyone.

But things are getting better because of child sponsorship. Before, half of us kids couldn't go to school 'cos we didn't have enough food or it was too expensive. Now, almost all of us can. The folks from FH teach us lots of things, like farming and health-care, and give us hygiene kits. I can go to school, learn, and dream about having a future. I just hope you'll keep praying for my family and me as we work with our community to improve our lives. Thanks for giving us hope and support.