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My Name is Olga

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Hi there! I'm an 8-year-old girl living in Cotzal, a small part of northern Guatemala. I have one sister and we're really close, and I enjoy school a whole lot - especially drawing class! When I'm back home, I love helping my family by cooking and playing traditional games. My region is mostly filled with small farms where families grow maize and veggies to sell in markets. Our dads often have to go work on coffee farms for a long time.

I'm so thankful for child sponsorship, because it's helping me and giving my family the power to take good care of me! Before people started helping, many kids here couldn't go to school because they were too hungry or their parents couldn't afford it. But things are looking up now, almost all of us can go to school! I'm learning so much and feeling hopeful about the future.

The folks helping us out are teaching loads of useful things, like how our moms can keep us healthy, and giving us hygiene kits. They even show our dads cool farming tricks! Just remember to keep me, my family and my community in your prayers as we keep making things better. Your support means so much, thank you!