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My Name is Nicolas

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Hello, it's me, a little 7-year-old boy from a place named Cotzal in Guatemala. I have a big brother who I look up to and my favorite thing to do is drawing. That's why I love going to school now! We also learn to clean our houses and help our families, which is fun. When I am home I put in practice what I learn in school.

Cotzal is where we grow maize and other veggies on our farms. Many dads go work far away in coffee farms. There was a war before I arrived, and we're still healing. But things are getting better because of sponsors like you! Now, almost all kids in my town go to school. Thank you for giving us hope and a chance at a better future!

We are taught by the kind people at FH. They show our mamas about getting healthy and give us hygiene stuff. They show our daddies good farming tips too. Please remember me and my family in your prayers as we strive to improve our community. Thanks for giving me support and hope!