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My Name is Juan

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  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • household_supplies Cleaning
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Hi there! I'm an 8-year-old boy with one sister and two brothers. I'm lucky to be healthy and strong. At school, I love drawing the most - my teacher says I have great imagination! When I'm not at school, I show my love for my family by helping to clean.

I live in a place called Cotzal in Guatemala. It can be tough here, and many dads often leave for months to work in coffee farms. Also, times were bad here during a civil war before I was born. But things are getting better, thanks to child sponsorship programs like FH!

Before FH arrived, half of the kids in my community couldn't go to school. But now, nearly all of us can and that's awesome! We also learn lots of important stuff like how to stay healthy. I love that I now have a chance of a better future.

Your prayers and support mean the world to me and my family - thank you!