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My Name is Domingo

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Hello there! I'm an 8-year-old boy who hails from Cotzal, a northern region of Guatemala. My big family includes two sisters and three brothers, and I sure do my part to help everyone out because I love giving a hand at cleaning. Mathematics at school really grinds my gears – it's just so much fun! Soccer is also something that makes me happy-runny after a long day at school.

Life in Cotzal is quite different you see. We mostly do farming, where we sow and reap maize and more for our markets. A lot of dads often leave for long months to work in coffee farms as the civil war before my time made things hard here. But guess what? Child Sponsorship is turning things around! Now most kiddos including me can go to school - something only a half could do before!

We are also learning so much from our friendlies - the FH staff. They're teaching our moms about keeping healthy and supplying awesome hygiene kits while our dads get cool farming tips! So, things are getting brighter for us and all thanks to your support and good wishes. Let's unite in prayers for a better future. Thank you so much for believing in us!