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My Name is Diego

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  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • cleaning_services Sweeping
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Hi! I'm an 8-year-old boy from Cotzal, a cool place in the north of Guatemala. I don't have any siblings, but that's okay, I have lots of friends to play soccer with! I love drawing in school, the pictures let me tell stories without words. After school, I help my family by sweeping - it's fun watching the dust bunnies whirl around!

It's an interesting place where I live, almost everyone has a small farm growing maize and vegetables. There was this big war here once, before I was born. It's still a bit scary sometimes, but together, we're healing.

Some really kind people called the FH staff have been helping us. They taught my mom about health care and gave us hygiene kits! My dad is learning to farm better, and I get to go to school every day - it's amazing! Things are getting better, and with your prayers and support, I believe they can get even more amazing. Thanks for having hope in me!