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My Name is Oscar

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Hi there! I'm that 13-year old boy who lives in Cotzal, Guatemala. I have a big family, three sisters and three brothers, all of us are quite healthy, really. You know what I love about school the most? Mathematics. It's challenging but exciting. After school, I help out by carrying wood for my family. I also like playing soccer, it's just super fun!

I live in a place where almost everyone has a small farm, growing maize and all sorts of veggies to sell. Our dads often are away for jobs on coffee farms. Did you know there was a big bad war before I was born? We are still feeling its pinch but things are looking up now! Child sponsorship is helping me, and my family, a lot. Since FH came, almost all kids including me are now able to go to school. Isn't that awesome?

FH's help allows me to learn and making my future bright. They share knowledge about health care with our moms and give us hygiene kits. They even teach my dad better farming techniques. Please send your prayers for my family as we are working together to build a better future for our community. Thank you so much for giving me support and fueling my dreams.