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My Name is Cristina

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Hiya! I'm a 10-year-old girl living in Cotzal, a northern region in Guatemala. I have two brothers, but no sisters. Health wise I'm doing swell! My favorite thing about school is drawing. After school, I do my bit by helping to sweep at home. I've also got a knack for basketball, it's super fun!

Many folks in my community run small farms, growing maize and veggies for the local market. It's hard though, especially since dads and others often have to leave home to work on far-off coffee farms. Oh, there was a nasty war here before I was born, and we're still dealing with that. But guess what, things are getting better! FH came to our community and now almost all of us kids are in school!

The helpful people at FH are teaching my mom about health and giving us cool stuff like hygiene kits. The dads, including mine, are learning how to better farm. Now I can focus on school and learning. This gives me a real shot at a brighter tomorrow! If you can, please pray for my family and me as we work together to improve our community. Thanks for all the support and hope you are giving me!