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My Name is Flora

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Hi, I'm one of the kids from Bungwaanyi, a scenic place tucked away in the Mbale region of beautiful Uganda. I'm a nine-year-old girl with no sisters but four brothers. I'm healthy and I love learning English in school. When school finishes, I help my family by fetching water. Simple pleasures matter to me a lot, like jumping rope, for instance.

We're about 233 families here, chatting mostly in Lumasaba, though some of us also speak Swahili, Luganda and even English. Uganda is a diverse country with yummy food like matoke and mangos. Even though our past had a long civil war that made us poor, your kind help is making things better for me and my family. The people from FH guide me and my family to grow vegetables, compost, care for our land and raise animals like cows and goats. We have more food now, and it's tastier too!

The support you provide fills me with hope and motivation to strive for a brighter future. Please remember my family, my village, and me in your prayers as we strive to break free from poverty. You've given me a reason to be hopeful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!