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My Name is Sreyroath

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Hi there! I'm an eight-year-old girl living in a small, beautiful village in the Trapeang Prasat region, north of Cambodia. It's a place filled with greenery, rain, and exciting wildlife. I have two brothers and we all talk in the Khmer language. Math is my favorite thing to learn at school, it's fun and exciting!

At home, I help my family with chores like washing dishes, and I always try to squeeze in some play time with my friends. Most people here are farmers, but farming is tough and some of my friends have to help their families instead of going to school.

But let me tell you, things are starting to look up! Thanks to your help and FH's support, we're making plans for a better tomorrow. I can continue my learning and get regular health check-ups! It's great because FH is also guiding us on how to farm better, keep healthier, and work with our local leaders. Your prayers and support mean the world to us. Thank you for being part of our journey towards a brighter future!