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My Name is Nusrat

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Hi there! I'm a six-year-old girl from the lively community of Ratna Palong, Ukhia in Bangladesh. Here, most of our families work as hardworking farmers and day labourers. I have a brother and together we do our best to help our family. I am known to be an expert in carrying water from our well! And guess what? I just love school, especially learning our national languages! It's just so cool!

Every day after school, apart from fetching water, my favourite thing is to play with my dolls! And oh, a group called FH is working with us to improve our life. They help us learn cool things, like how to farm better, how to read and lots more! And they're working to bring us cleaner water and better toilets, isn't that amazing? Though we may not have much, but we're learning to make the most of what we do have. Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and my life here!