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My Name is Umme

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Hi, I'm a 5-year-old girl from Ratna Palong, a tiny community in Ukhia, southeast Bangladesh. I know it's a poor place, but I love it because it's my home. I live with my sister; we have no brothers. My health is fair, but we are working on it. School is fun, my favorite thing there is rhymes. After school, I help my family by carrying water from the nearest well.

I play with dolls, imagining life stories for them from what I learn in school. Speaking of my village, we mostly live in small houses and lots of us work as farmers or day laborers. We are getting help from FH, they are cool! They help us to improve things, like getting access to clean water, building latrines, teaching us how to read and how to do better farming. We dream big, and though we have far to go, every little step counts. Thanks for your part in this!