Our Purpose: To end poverty one community at a time.
Our Promise: To graduate communities out of poverty in 10 years.

Food for the Hungry is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty - one community at a time. With partners like you, FH walks alongside the most vulnerable communities throughout the developing world as they strive toward sustainability. Recognizing that each community faces unique challenges as well as advantages, FH is committed to an integrated, holistic approach to development including priorities such as agriculture, education, health, and gender equality.

From Stuck to Thriving: A community transformation.

We are revolutionary because...

  • We address the root issues of poverty. Sometimes people get stuck. A community can’t progress until its people understand what is holding them back. Everyone has God-given value and potential so we begin with changing how they see themselves and the world around them.
  • We walk alongside communities. Handouts aren’t the solution. At the core of our activities is our belief in "walking with" rather than "doing for". Church and community leaders are intentionally involved in the creation of development priorities.
  • We see the big picture. We don’t do just one thing. Ending poverty is complicated and it takes more than food or clean water for a community to thrive.
  • We hire locally. Over 90% of the 2,000 FH staff members are citizens of the countries where they work. They’re from there; they get it.
  • We leave. After about a decade, a community graduates and we transition from coaches to the sidelines. Since 1994, 36 communities have moved from being stuck to self-sustaining and are in turn reaching out to their neighbours.

Our Values

  • God is our foundation. We are motivated by Christ’s love to walk with the most vulnerable around the world until they thrive. The Church plays a central role in many of the communities we work alongside and faith is an important part of a sustainable future.
  • Relationships first. We recognize that people are at the end of every decision and make that responsibility our priority.
  • Commitment to Service. Helping others is part of our D.N.A. We apply that philosophy as we walk with communities around the world, our co-workers, and amazing donors like you!
  • Invest wisely, focusing on results. We strive to make wise, long-term decisions with your generous donations to meet our goal of graduating communities out of poverty in ten years.