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Message sent!

Swoosh! Your note will be in the mail.

Thank you for connecting with your sponsor child!
Your letter has been received by our office and will be sent to your sponsor child soon.

"Warm greetings to you my dear sponsor. I'm so happy to have a friend like you who always thinks about me and writes to me. Pray that God blesses you and please continue writing to me. Be Blessed."
— Christine, Uganda

As a child sponsor, you’re helping families and their children journey out of poverty.

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Working to Bring Families Back Together

When her siblings migrated to Thailand to look for work, 20-year-old Sara became responsible for her nieces and nephew. Economic migration is separating too many families in Cambodia—here’s how Sara is working to change that.

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From Vulnerable to Changemaker

Single parents struggle with mental health more than two-parent households. Community support and income solutions helped single mom Channoeurn overcome anxiety and stress and become a powerful child advocate.

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Child Sponsorship Helps Save Mercy

When Irene's husband left for Kenya to seek employment, Irene became a single mother solely responsible to provide for five children.

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Does Child Sponsorship Really Work?

Does child sponsorship really work?

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Sponsor Child Graduates Top of His Class!

Across Canada, June is graduation month. From big cities to small farming towns, teens are moving those tassels from right to left, grinning ear-to-ear as they stride off the stage of their childhoods and into the boundless world of adulthood. Moms are crying. Dads are cheering. Siblings have mixed feelings. But everyone is proud!

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