Cap Church

Capilano Community Church’s relationship with FH Canada began in May 2005, when we were introduced to a small Ugandan community called Bufukhula. Since then, groups of “Cappers” have regularly travelled to Bufukhula to deepen relationships, learn, and cheer on the progress of our friends half a world away.

Two communities in the Mbale region have graduated as a result of this long-standing relationship—first Bufukhula in 2013 and then Nashisa in 2019—with dedicated school blocks, teachers' accommodations, clean water supply, a new medical clinic, a new church building, and hundreds of children sponsored as a testament to our fruitful partnership.

This cross-cultural engagement has been transformative for both CapChurch members and our friends in Mbale. Similar transformation has already begun in Bukiende, a group of communities not far from Nashisa with whom CapChurch is now journeying.