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My Name is Violette

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Hi! I'm a six-year-old girl from Bwira, Rwanda who loves singing at school and weaving grass mats at home! I live with my five brothers, in a community that sometimes goes through tough times. But, we're resilient and always trying to make things better!

Living up in the mountains, most folks around here are farmers, like my family, and it's a hard job. Especially when you have to carry water from far away just so plants can grow. But things are getting a bit better - a group called FH Sponsorship has been helping us out! Since they came, I get to go to school regularly and even visit the doctor when I'm sick.

They're also teaching the adults in my community how to do things like growing vegetables and raising livestock better. They believe we can become self-reliant, and that makes me glad and hopeful! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we find our path forward together. Grateful for the support and hope you've given us!