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My Name is Brigitte

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Hello! I'm a seven-year-old girl living in Bwira, Rwanda, one of the poorest communities in our district. I've got one sister, two brothers and we help each other out a lot. I love going to school and my favourite thing to learn is singing! After school, I help my family and our caregiver with different tasks, I really enjoy ball games too!

We used to drink swamp water because we didn't have clean water, and it used to take us 30 minutes to an hour to fetch it! But guess what? Now, with the help of FH Sponsorship, we're getting to use protected water. I get to go to school all the time now and see a doctor when I'm not feeling too good. It’s also helping my family understand cool things like how to grow vegetables and raise livestock. We're learning to work together as a community and one day we might be able to help other communities in Rwanda too!

Things are tough here in Bwira, but my family and community are tough too! So, if you can, please pray for us as we work towards building a better future. Thank you for giving me hope and support.