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My Name is Jean

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Hi! I'm a nine-year-old guy, living with my brothers and loving family in Bwira, Rwanda. Life here is tough as we're the poorest in our district and getting to us is tricky due to the twisty, turny mountain roads. Health issues are a common sight thanks to the swamp water a lot of us drink, plus, it's a real chore carrying it to our homes too! Most of us are farmers, helping to work the land.

My best thing about the day is school, especially when we've got arithmetic - I'm pretty nifty with numbers! After school, I help out my folks, then it's time for soccer - that's my jam! Life’s been real tough, but everything's changing thanks to FH Sponsorship. They’re teaching my family how to farm better, and even how to make some money! Now, I can go to school more and I'm feeling healthier. It's not just me, it's the whole community blossom 'cause of it. So, could ya’ send some positive vibes our way? Your support's got me dreaming of a brighter tomorrow!