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My Name is Liliane

  • cake 8
  • sports_soccer Ball Games
  • family_restroom Working with Caregiver
  • groups Social Studies


Hi there! I'm an 8-year-old girl living in Bwira, Rwanda. I live with my one sister and love going to school where social studies is my favourite subject. Once I'm done with school, I assist my family in chores along with the caregiver. I really love playing ball games!

Unfortunately, my community is one of the poorest, with high malnutrition rates. It's tough because we live in hard-to-reach mountains and most of us hardly have enough food because we're small farmers. Water was also a challenge, as we had to take long walks to fetch swamp water.

But hey, things are looking brighter now! Thanks to the assistance we're getting from the FH Sponsorship, I go to school regularly, and we're receiving medical services. There's hope as we learn to farm better, raise animals, and come with ways to earn. I'm excited to see not only my family but our entire community grow and help others in Rwanda. Do keep us in your prayers and thank you for the hope and support you're giving us!