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My Name is Blandine

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Hi there, I'm a 5-year-old girl from Bwira, Rwanda and I think singing is the best thing ever! At school, that's my favourite thing to do. When I don't sing, I help my family with my cargiver's work, then I always look forward to playing traditional games. But I also need to tell you something about where I live. It's very poor and most of us are farmers.

You know, things were tough before FH Sponsorship came. We only had swampy water to drink, but now, things are changing for the better. I can go to school and stay healthy. It means the world's opening up for me and everyone here. As we learn new farming skills and how to earn money, we're getting stronger every day. So, when you have a quiet moment, please give a thought for me and my community, as we work towards a brighter future. Your support fills us with hope, so thank you very, very much!