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My Name is Erneste

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Hi, I'm a 7-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. I have one sister and I love singing at school. It makes me happy! When I get back home, I help my family by working with my caregiver. That's fun too because I get to play with my friends afterwards. Life here in Bwira is tough though, lots of people are sick because we used to drink water from the swamp. It takes a long time, about 30 minutes to an hour, to get clean water for our homes.

But things are changing now, thanks to FH Sponsorship. They are helping me to go to school more often and get the medicine I need to feel stronger. They are also teaching grown-ups in my family smart ways to farm and earn some money. I'm excited because not only do I get a chance at a better future, but also my family and everyone in Bwira. This makes me feel hopeful! Please keep cheering for me and my loved ones as we work hard to build a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for making me believe that it can really happen!