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My Name is Thierry

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Hi, I'm a 7-year-old boy from Bwira, Rwanda. My health is okay and I have one sister. I really enjoy arithmetic in school and when I get back home, I help my family with field work. Soccer is my favourite game, it's so much fun!

Living here in Bwira can be tough. Our place is the poorest in the district and many of us are unwell from not eating enough healthy food. Reaching us takes a lot of time because the roads are twisty and up on the mountains. Earlier, most of us had to drink swamp water and it took ages to fetch it to our homes.

But, things are looking brighter now. Some kind people called FH Sponsorship have been helping us. They've allowed me to go to school regularly and get the medical care I need. They're also teaching grown-ups in my village how to grow veggies and keep animals for extra food and income.

Even though life is tough here, I'm optimistic about our future. So, could you please keep me, my family, and my community in your prayers as we work towards a better tomorrow? Big thanks to you for giving us hope!