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My Name is Fiston

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Hi, I'm a 6-year-old boy and I live in Bwira, Rwanda with my brother. Life here is tough - we're a poor and small community with lots of winding mountain roads. Sometimes we even have to drink swamp water - yuck! But I'm thankful for FH Sponsorship. They're helping me, my family, and my community.

I go to school now and my favorite thing is singing! It's so much fun. After school, I help my family by carrying water. It can be hard work but I'm strong. I also love playing soccer with my friends. These days, I've been feeling better because I get health care when I need it thanks to the FH Sponsorship!

We're all trying really hard to make things better here in Bwira. The adults are learning how to grow vegetables, raise animals, and do other things to help our community. And I am learning lots too! I hope that I get to grow up and help make my community even better! Remember to think about me and my family, pray for us if you can. Thanks for giving us hope!